About Naila

Naila Mahmood was born in Montreal and raised in the heart of Mississauga. She grew up in Wards 3 and 4 where she attended elementary school.  She studied Political Science at McMaster University and later did a post-grad in Government Relations at Seneca College.

Naila has had a passion for education and politics ever since she can remember. Being politically involved, Naila understands the importance of our education system and the need for inclusivity and equality in our school board. 

Naila’s determination is the driving force behind everything she does. Community building and inclusivity is something she strives for. Naila is committed to supporting grassroots initiatives and  understands the importance of our community to drive social change. She believes that together we can create an inclusive and accepting society. 

Naila understands the needs of students today. As a fairly recent graduate from the Peel District Board, she sees the need for change and can empathize with the issues students and youth face today. 

Naila has previously worked for a local Member of Parliament, where she met many members of the Ward 3 and 4 community. Along with her work experience, she likes to volunteer her time to several non-profits, including: Plan Canada, Humanity First, SEVA Food Bank, WeFem and more. Naila’s political and community involvement  will allow her to represent YOU and the students of Ward 3 and 4.

Unlike others, Naila has a passion for improving our education system to being more equitable and inclusive. Her passion has no boundaries. As a young woman, passionate about social change, education, and inclusivity, Naila is the voice and face needed for our community today.

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Create a more inclusive school board reflective of its diversity. 


 Build STRONGER relationships between schools, parents, students, governments, and the community. 


Be the leading School Board in Ontario, one that is inclusive and accepting of all. 



Naila is an advocate for mental health, she believes there is so much to do when it comes to mental health awareness. Bullying is a cause of some mental health illnesses, and a lot of bullying occurs in schools, online, and on the playground. It is the schools and teachers’ duty to help students, but several times teachers and schools have failed our students. The number of self-harm and death by suicide cases have increased drastically in the Peel District School Board. There needs to be more understanding of mental health, for schools, teachers, and students.

Mental health is as important as our physical health, so why should we neglect it? 

If teachers and school staff are trained in mental health first aid training, they can see early signs of mental health illnesses, and provide the necessary help students need. Schools should be given the proper recourses to help students, especially when it comes to the students’ mental wellbeing. 

There is a need for all levels of government to come together with our school board to promote a robust mental health strategy in our schools and community. 

We need to provide better services for our students, including trained mental health professionals in schools, and integrating new technologies to better understand and address our students’ needs. 


No one deserves to be bullied, that’s why we should create more inclusive and safe spaces in schools. These places will be a no-bullying tolerance zone. It would be a peaceful and serene place for students.

Naila understands the need for more safe and inclusive places in schools and on the playground. As a child, Naila was bullied and she wasn't the only one. She knows that there is a dire need for making spaces in schools that are more inclusive and safe.

These places would let students be themselves, and help them connect with one another in a non-judgmental place. These places can also serve as a multi-purpose room, which can be used as a multi-faith prayer room for students who need a silent place to reflect, pray and meditate.


Create an inclusive curriculum, that includes teaching children about their minds and feelings. Naila is a firm believer in "Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies"if we take care of our mental health, our physical health will be well. Naila wants to integrate "Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies" into the school curriculum, so students can start learning about their minds, and if they are having certain thoughts or feeling where they can turn to for help. This would help with students learn about their minds and how to take care of their mental health. 

Help create a positive environment for all. Implement a curriculum in schools to respect and love one another. This can be a way to teach students the harms of bullying, and teach them to accept one another and treat each other with love and respect


Create a platform that would ensure transparency between the community, parents, and schools. Help keep parents and students updated through newsletters and emails on events, new academic and regional programs, curriculum changes, school budgets, grants and opportunities for students, and more. Everyone has the right to be informed about what goes on in their community and schools. 

Naila will be accessible to all members of the community at all times. She will create an open-door policy, where anyone can come up with their problems or concern, no matter how big or small. Have open communication, email and phone to hear suggestions, concerns, and issues.

Naila also wants

·  Create more Special Education programs with courses that teach students about the “real world”/ “real life skills” (budgeting/finances/taxes/home economics/etc).

·  Increase digital literacy with more technology integrated programs. 

·  Enhance Parent and Community involvement with increased communication.

·  Create a support system for newcomer students and their families.

·  Ensure equity and accessibility for all students, education is a human right and everyone should have access to it.

·  Consult, represent and inform: students, families, school staff & administrators, members of the community, and School Councils on all matters.



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